Please read these terms and conditions carefully before requesting our services.


Patient: the person receiving our speech and language services

Patient Representative: with children aged 13 or younger, both their parents are their representatives as they have parental authority. In some cases, parental authority has been given to another person, in which case that person is the patient representative. In a situation when only one parent requests services for a child,our clinic presumes it was done in good faith and with the two parents agreeing to the child receiving our services; we thus agree to provide services requested by only one parent. However, if the clinic or the speech and language pathologist, have any reason to believe that both parents do not agree to our services to the child, we will seek to obtain free and enlightened consent from both parents prior to any further service being provided.

The patient representative of a person of full age under a tutorship or curatorship is his or her tutor or curator. The tutor or curator will be asked to give free and enlightened consent for SLP care.

Children aged 14 or older (even if still under their parents’ authority) or a child whose emancipation has been declared give themselves free and enlightened consent to their SLP care.

Client: a person, patient or organization to whom our clinic sends their honorarium invoice and who is responsible for paying said invoice.

Speech and Language Pathologist (SLP): a professional who has completed a Masters degree in Speech and Language Pathology or equivalent, who is a member of a Canadian SLP order and who is mandated by our clinic to provide the SLP care to the patient

SLP Assessment and Treatment authorization 

The patient or his representatives authorize our clinic and the SLP mandated by it to provide SLP care to collect all required assessment information as well as testing, video and or audio recordings required to fully understand the communication disorder examined.

Free and enlightened consent

Free and enlightened consent to SLP care from the patient, his representative is mandatory. Said consent is given to our clinic and to the SLP mandated to provide SLP care. In this perspective, the patient and his representative recognize that the SLP and the Clinic will do everything in their power to explain in a complete and objective way the nature and scope of the problem and the objectives that will be pursued during treatment.On simple request, explanations and clarifications will be given to the patient or his representative if they feel they don’t have enough information about the treatment their SLP is providing. 

Authorization for client file opening and use of email and cell phone number for appointment reminders on our file management system ClinikPro

The patient or his representative authorize our clinic to open the client file and to use the client’s email address as an identifier on our client file management system, ClinikPro, which will also be used as a client portal. ClinikPro is protected under a security certificate and all precautions are taken to ensure confidentiality and security of your personal data.

The patient or his representative also authorizes our clinic to use the client’s email address and cell phone number to send email or SMS reminders before appointments.

Authorization: exchange of information

Consulting another professional to fully understand the patient’s situation and communication disorder is often necessary. A formal consent, signed by the patient or his representative, will have to be signed before such exchange of information is permitted. You will be informed and will be asked to sign such consent before any communication can be initiated for each professional consulted. If another professional contacts us for information, we will not confirm or give any information before the same signed consent is received on your client file. 

Fees for Services

Our clinic publish their fees on their website and will inform you in case of modifications to the fees. our clinic charges and accepts fair and reasonable fees warranted in the circumstances and proportionate to the services rendered.

We, in particular, take the following factors into account when setting his fees:

(1)  our SLPs experience;

(2)  the time required to execute the professional service;

(3)  the complexity and scope of the service; and

(4)  the need to perform unusual services or services requiring exceptional competence or speed.

We have to inform you of the approximate cost or our services. Our fees invoice is presented to the client after services are rendered, and payment is due on receipt of invoices. We accept all forms of payment. As Interac email transfers generally don’t involve additional fees for its use in many situations, this form of payment, sent to our clinic’s email, is preferred. Please check if your financial institution charges additional fees for your use of Interac email transfers.

Appointment Cancellation Policy

We set aside valuable time for your SLP services appointments, as much valuable for yourself as it is for us and to other clients. If you have to cancel an appointment, you certainly have good reasons to do so, and we are in an unfair position to judge if the reasons are valid or not. Other clients could have used that time for an appointment and the sooner we know you have to cancel, the better we can serve our clientele. Inconvenience after a cancellation is far greater than it seems.

Our cancellation policy, which you have to accept when you decide to use our services, is as stated below: 

1. Any cancellation over 24 hours before the appointment is not charged.

2. A 50.00 $ cancellation fee is possible for a cancellation within 24 hours of the appointment time.

3. Normal fees that would have been charged if services had been rendered will be invoiced for an appointment you missed without warning

Service modalities modifications during the pandemic

Please note that currently, we have no onsite SLP services in our office, except for highly exceptional situations, but all Speech and Language assessment and therapy services are still available through web-based interactive conferences, in all cases it is possible.

Full consent for use of our services

By accessing our client portal and by using our clinic SLP services, you accept to be bound to these Terms and Conditions. If you disagree with any part or all of these Terms and Conditions, you will not be able to access our services.

Modifications to Current Terms and Conditions

We reserve the right, to our only discretion, to modify or replace these Terms and Conditions at any time. If a revision is important, we will make all reasonable efforts to inform you in advance, at least 30 days before the new Terms and Conditions are applied. What constitutes an important modification is at our only discretion.

By continuing to access to our portal and using our SLP services after the modifications or revisions, you accept to be bound by the newly revised Terms and Conditions, in part or in full. If you do not agree with any or all of the new Terms and Conditions, please cease to use our client portal and services. 

Contact us

If you have any questions regarding those Terms and Conditions, you may contact us by phone or by email.